Chetna Balhara With Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write । Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write Shayari

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Chetna Balhara With Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write । Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write Shayari

✍️Written & Perform :- Kanha Kamboj & Chetna Balhara
🎀🎤Stage Credit :- TRD

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This Video Editing By:- Diwana Write  
Music by : Diwana Write

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Chetna Balhara With Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write । Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write Shayari
#Chetna #Balhara #Kanha #Kamboj #Diwana #Write #Kanha #Kamboj #Diwana #Write #Shayari
Chetna Balhara With Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write । Kanha Kamboj । Diwana Write Shayari
#Chetna #Balhara #Kanha #Kamboj #Diwana #Write #Kanha #Kamboj #Diwana #Write #Shayari

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