Collect SMS Subscribers at Scale with SMSBump

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Collecting subscribers is the first step of every SMS journey and a top priority if your store is looking to drive traffic and sales in an upward direction.

In our webinar “How to Collect Subscribers at Scale” you will:

👋 Meet our upgraded and much more powerful Subscriber collection tools
📚 Learn how to use them to gather opt-ins on multiple touch-points: your website, social media, and more
💡 Get actionable strategies on how to engage with your new subscribers and quickly turn them into loyal customers and brand advocates

All of this knowledge – packed into 20 minutes! Watch the recording and head over to your SMSBump account to put it all into action.

Don’t have one yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

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What’s SMSBump?

The fastest-growing SMS marketing app for Shopify. SMSBump is a marketing & conversion software that delivers stunning ROI and profits due to the extremely low costs and high customer engagement.

E-Commerce stores achieve spectacular results in converting thousands of customers and get insanely higher conversion rates and ROI compared to email marketing.

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Collect SMS Subscribers at Scale with SMSBump
#Collect #SMS #Subscribers #Scale #SMSBump
Collect SMS Subscribers at Scale with SMSBump
#Collect #SMS #Subscribers #Scale #SMSBump

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