Spirituality In Practical Life: Ep 40: BK Shivani (Hindi)

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When we experiment with knowledge and experience it, the result becomes truth for us. It now is a part of our vibrations. The conviction with which we share with others inspires them to experiment too. Spirituality is not separate from our day to day life. Spirituality gives us the tools which we use in our personal, family and professional life.

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#BKShivani #SisterBKShivani #SisterBKShivaniHindi
Spirituality In Practical Life: Ep 40: BK Shivani (Hindi)
#Spirituality #Practical #Life #Shivani #Hindi
Spirituality In Practical Life: Ep 40: BK Shivani (Hindi)
#Spirituality #Practical #Life #Shivani #Hindi

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