Top 5 Investment Rules of Warren Buffett | Explained in Hindi

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Top 5 Investment Rules of Warren Buffett : Warren Buffett is not only the most popular name in the world of investment and stock market but he is also the fourth wealthiest person in the world. He has beaten the stock market with his intelligent and strategic investment decisions.

Warren Buffett is the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. It’s a holding company whose investments range from American Bank to Apple, and more. Recently, one of his top shareholdings, Apple has crossed the market valuation of 2 trillion dollars. No doubt, why he is praised so much for his investment skills.

In this video, we have mainly covered the 5 investment rules of Warren Buffett that has made him what he is today. Let us find out what they are-

0:12 Rule 1- Profit
0:56 Rule 2- The growth rate
3:08 Rule 3- stay away from Debt
3:37 Rule 4- The compounding effect
4:40 Rule 5- Networking

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Top 5 Investment Rules of Warren Buffett | Explained in Hindi
#Top #Investment #Rules #Warren #Buffett #Explained #Hindi
Top 5 Investment Rules of Warren Buffett | Explained in Hindi
#Top #Investment #Rules #Warren #Buffett #Explained #Hindi

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