Your 7 Qualities: Part 3: BK Shivani (Hindi)

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Join BK Shivani who reiterates that each of us is a soul, am embodiment of 7 qualities: Purity, Peace, Love, Bliss, Wisdom, Power and Happiness. This means our original is a like a white coloured cloth, clean and spotless. Our acquired negative sanskars like anger, pain, fear and confusion are like the stains on the cloth. With knowledge and efforts we need to clear these stains and restore the whiteness of the soul.

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#BKShivani #SisterBKShivani #SisterBKShivaniHindi
Your 7 Qualities: Part 3: BK Shivani (Hindi)
#Qualities #Part #Shivani #Hindi
Your 7 Qualities: Part 3: BK Shivani (Hindi)
#Qualities #Part #Shivani #Hindi

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